Clubhouse & Facilities Projects - VAT Issues to Consider

The Clubhouse & Facilities Projects VAT Webinar is hosted by Accelerate Sport, in association with Centurion.

When you enrol on this webinar, you will understand the following learning objectives:

  • Be able to identify where VAT would be chargeable on supplies of land and construction services and what VAT reliefs could be available. This would help with budget planning and grant applications.
  • To consider what affects the levels of VAT on projects can be recovered and to what extent.
  • To understand the triggers to creating a Capital Goods Scheme item for VAT purposes and the responsibilities for monitoring that would bring.
  • To reflect on the differing VAT rules potential partners on a project may have and how collaborative projects bring additional VAT issues to consider.
Centurion VAT Specialists
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Centurion - VAT Specialists

Liz Maher

Centurion was created to support clients in maximising their VAT recovery position or minimise their exposure to VAT errors & penalties. The webinar is being hosted by Director of Centurion, Liz Maher.

Liz has 36 years VAT experience, as well as the technical knowledge to pinpoint, communicate and educate in a practical, informative and engaging way.