How to Make your Clubhouse More Welcoming to Women and Girls

The How to make your Clubhouse More Welcoming to Women and Girls Webinar is hosted by Accelerate Sport, leading providers of sports focused eLearning in the UK.

The webinar will help you understand the following learning objectives:

  • Understand what discrimination and misogyny is as well as what causes it and the harm it can create.
  • Learn how to challenge behaviours such as these in your clubhouse.
  • Understand how to support victims and educate perpetrators.
  • Consider acceptable and unacceptable terminology & behaviours – which you may hear/see in your club.
  • Consider which elements of this learning can go into your clubs EDI plan.
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About Women in Sport

Women in Sport was founded in 1984 and its vision is that no-one is excluded from the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of sport and exercise.  Recognising that gender stereotypes and institutional bias are holding women back in life and in sport, the charity’s purpose is to give every woman and girl the opportunity to take part and inspire her to do so.  The charity has a track record of success in securing change based on its deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of women and girls at each life stage and its determination to break down stubborn gender inequalities through its work within the sports sector and beyond.