Introduction to VAT

The Introduction to VAT Webinar is hosted by Accelerate Sport, in association with Centurian.

When you enrol on this webinar, you will understand the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the basic VAT treatment of typical income within a club environment and how that affects the VAT registration position.
  • Learn how income types affect the ability to recover or block VAT on expenditure.
  • Understand what the Partial Exemption method is and what that means in practical terms when working out what VAT is recoverable on expenditure.
  • Understand what VAT reliefs a charity can access.
Centurion VAT Specialists
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Centurion - VAT Specialists

Liz Maher

Centurion was created to support clients in maximising their VAT recovery position or minimise their exposure to VAT errors & penalties. The webinar was hosted by Director of Centurion, Liz Maher.

Liz has 36 years VAT experience, as well as the technical knowledge to pinpoint, communicate and educate in a practical, informative and engaging way.