Running an Efficient Committee Meeting

The Running an Efficient Committee Meeting Webinar is hosted by Accelerate Sport, in partnership with the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

When you enrol on this webinar, you will understand the following learning outcomes:

  • Consider the role your club constitution plays in running an effective committee meeting.
  • Learn how to create effective meeting agendas in your club.
  • Consider how to best use your club’s committee members for positive meeting outcomes.
  • Learn what skills are required to become an effective chair in order to run effective meetings.
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Sport and recreation alliance - Vijaya Panangipalli

Vijaya has been working in the governance industry for the past 10 years. Helping others to understand how governance works well for different organisations. 

Vijaya understands that no single organisation is the same accepts the challenge of applying good governance to a multitude of circumstances.

Vijaya’s approach to teaching makes governance easy to understand and apply; creating tools which help organisations apply governance in a simple manner.