Unconscious Bias in the Clubhouse

The Unconscious Bias in the Clubhouse Webinar is hosted by Accelerate Sport, in partnership with Sy Joshua.

This webinar focuses on the following learning objectives:

  • Understand what unconscious bias is and how it might exist in your clubhouse.
  • Understand how an unconscious bias can negatively affect the culture of your club.
  • Consider the different types of bias that exist and understand what they are.
  • Be confident in overcoming yours and others bias.
  • Learn how to challenge bias in your clubhouse.
  • Consider which elements of this learning can go into your clubs EDI plan.
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About Sy Joshua

Sy has maintained a Masters Degree in Social Work, a Masters Degree in Management and a Batchelor Degree in Social Sciences. 

Sy’s value system is deeply rooted in discrimination and the struggle for equality. Sy is passionate about empowering individuals to navigate challenges and realise their aspirations and also recognises where organisations can make positive change in the areas of equity, belonging and community.